Training services for the Indian restaurant sector.

Although training is a key factor in maintaining optimum levels of operational fluidity, sadly it is one of the most overlooked aspects of an Indian restaurant set-up. There’s a number of reasons that can be attributed to this oversight, one of them being the lack of a proper setup or recognised/credible infrastructure in place where businesses are able to send their employees for further training and increasing their skillsets. This problem of course is not exclusive to this sector only, as most high street businesses face the same challenges.

To address this deficiency, Bazari Media is setting up a number of training programmes, starting from the top, with:

  • Management training
  • Front of house training (including; service standards, customer service, health & hygiene, basic sales and marketing, upselling techniques, grievance handling and conflict resolution)
  • Back of house training (health & hygiene, food preparation, food presentation, precision cooking techniques, understanding allergies and dietary restrictions etc).

Ours is a long term approach, and as such we are partnering with various private companies to offer these training programmes up and down the country, which will be accredited and recognised by professional trade bodies.

If you are a business owner and are interested in discussing any aspects of the above, please use the Contact Us form to get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss your needs and work out a suitable package tailored to meet your needs and expectations.